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Limoges - Castle des Cars


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 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 90 MHz
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 Official Site



Le Ch?teau des Cars

Original-Name: "Le Ch?teau des Cars - r?sidence de grands serviteurs de l'Etat"

Ch?teau des Cars is one of many castles in french province Limousin.
On that CD-ROM you will learn not only history of castle, but you can also explore the whole castle as on the CD-ROM you will find it's complete reconstruction.
The CD was released only in French
The Programm consists of 4 parts: "History", "Virtual visit", "Animations" and "Archeology".
"Virtual Visit": here you can visit the castle (but unfortunately only from outside, you can't go inside of the castle), or you can also take a guided visit where you will learn about castle's architecture and a comparison between the remainings of the castle and how it looked at it's "best" times.
"Animations": here you can see 3 nice animations showing castle from different sides and from different perspektives
"History": here you will find many texts on history of the castle and also on everything what has to do with it (biographies, chronology, geneology...). But unfortunaly you won't find any pictures, only texts.
"Archeology": here you will find only a link to official site of who was the developer of that CD-ROM where many actual infos on archeology of the castle once were. As is bankrupt, that site doesn't exist any more, but you can find the same infos on, so it is not so tragical.

If you have the CD-ROM, you can also open the Quick-Time-Files directly from the CD. In that way you can visit the castle in Full-Screen-Mode, and that is much more exciting! (under MEDIA\ARCHI\VR\ on the CD)

Unfortunately the developer of that CD-ROM ( doesn't exist any more, but you can still buy the CD on
Here is a direct link (in French):
If you live outside of France, please contact webmaster of at first to learn about shipment costs to your country.

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