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1000-1500 A.C.


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 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 133 MHz
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)





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 in French: CD-ROM

Châteaux Forts - Medieval castles and fortresses in France

Original-Name: "Ch?teaux Forts"

In that encyclopedia you will learn everything about medieval castles, fortresses and fortifications. It consists of a big encyclopedia (as referrence book), many great illustrated videos with detailed information about every related topic: architecture, history, defence, role of castles and fortresses in Middle Ages....).
AND! You can find a virtual castle there! The same castle is shown in 5 different epochs of its development (so you can visit 5 almost different castles!) together with it's village (see screen shots). You can move yourself free and explore the castles (also from above). As you are moving through the castles, you can click on different hotspots and get information about different stiles of architecture and much more. The encyclopedia starts with IXth century and ends with XVIth century. There is also a map of France with all interesting medieval castles and fortresses on it. You can get a lot of information on each castle / fortress: photos, videos, special characteristics, history and address of "Touristic Office"
-Full documentary base also as refference book
-Map of France with all medieval castles and fortresses. You will find many pictures, descriptions, history and interactive sequences about defence or architecture about every castles

Syrinx gives you a possibility to download a small part of 3D-Encyclpedia and to look at it (for free)

And so you can do it:
1. Follow the link:
2. Download "Le Donjon Roman" (3,484 MB ZIP-file). There are bothe PC and Mac versions available, choose the one you need
3. unzip the file
4. Double click on "Installe Donjon.exe" to install it
5. Click on "Donjon.exe" - ready

on that site there are much more things to download, but only "Donjon" can be used without "Chateaux Forts" - CD. All others are just updates for the programm.

Hier is a screen shot of what you'll see on your screen:
Screenshot von der Anwendung

On the right you see the tower. If you will click on the arrows (near the tower you can see names of different floors and near the names are the arrows), you will find yourself on the floor, you clicked at (on your left you see it). You can move yourself there and go to other floors.

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