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Le temps des châteaux forts

That is a new software from creators of "Mont Saint Michel". It will be released in the second half of 2005. It's planned to be released only in French.
In that programm you will have the opportunity to explore several medieval castles and to learn about their history. But not only that - you will be able to learn about medieval castles in general and to follow the evolution of a castle from the very beginning (early middle ages) till the end (end of middle ages).
The software will also include a lexicon on castles.

An interesting Idea - that Software will be realeased on DVD and it will include also a TV-Part in addition to a PC-Part. So there will be some films on castles you can watch on your TV, and there will be another part which is for your computer. How it will work we will learn after it will be released ;-)

for TV you have:
- six animations describing following topics(ca. 40 min):
--> social and political situation
--> evolution of architecture
--> construction of castles
--> life at a castle
--> siege of a castle
--> castles after the middle ages

And here is a PC-part:
Description and virtual visit of 3D-Reconstruction for 6 medieval castles:
--> Loches (XIth century)
--> Gisors (XIIth century)
--> Coucy (XIIIth century)
--> Coudray Salbart (XIIIth century)
--> Mehun sur Y?vre (XIVth century)
--> Haut Koenigsbourg (XV - XVIth century)

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