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 Cologne Digital



Cologne Cathedral

A virtual tour through 2000 years of art, culture and history
Created with help and under control of Cologne Cathedral Society
History - 2000 years of christian art in Europe
WDR(German TV-Channel) and Cologne Cathedral Society placed their archives at developer's disposal - the roman Cologne - see what was before the gothic cathedral was built. You can see all buildings phases in illustrations, Photos, videos and animations. Also all Cologne bishops are to find there (with portraits and short biography)
Virtual Tour - all floors of the cathedral Welcome to the cathedral! In more than 30 QuickTime VR-Panoramas you can move yourself free through different levels of Cologne cathedral. For the first time it is possible to visit all the parts of the cathedral - altar, crypt, choir, roof truss and archaeological excavations. During your tour you will learn a lot about art and architecture. You can zoom all pieces of arts and windows and watch them in full-screen-mode. More than 1000 photos and documents give you information about more than 2000 years of christian art in Europe.

37 QuickTime 3D-Panoramas of Cologne Cathedral
more than 1500 pictures with descriptions
more than 60 min audio
more than 20 min video

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