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 360° view
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 mouse controlled

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 Windows (95/98/2000)
 also for MAC available

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 CD-ROM (1 CD)





Les dames de Chenonceau

Chenonceau is one of the most famous castles in France.
The ladies of Chenonceau have built this incredible site, with perfectly well-maintained architecture and gardens. You will find there elegance, pleasure, sensuality and spirituality of these ages, from the French Renaissance to the enlightenment, from the end of the Middle Ages until today. The castle was built by seven well-known ladies, here they are:

Catherine de Bohier (beginning of XVIth century)
Diane de Poitiers (1499 - 1566), one of the most beautiful ladies of her time, a very wise woman, king of France (Henri II.) was in love with her
Catherine de Medici (1519-1589), queen of France - the most glorious time for Chenonceau
Queen Luise (1553-1601), wife of Henri III.
Countess de Vend?me (1592-1669), wife of well-known C?sar de Vend?me (bastard child of Henri IV.)
Louise Dupin (1706-1799), she comes from a very intelligent theatrical family and she invited to the castle Voltaire, Buffon, Fontenelle, Russeau...
Marguerite Pelouze buys Chenonceau in 1864 and starts restoration works

The CD-ROM I'm going to talk about is dedicated mostly to the castle, but also to it's history and to it's owners.
The visit to the castle is made using QuickTime-Technology and was created of 360?-Photos of each room. So you can look around you in every room, you can move yourself from one room to another by clicking on the doors and you can also enjoy paintings that you see on the walls as you can enlarge them and get a short info on them. In such way you can visit the whole castle as if you were here (all the rooms, which are open for public visit in the castle can be also virtually visited on that CD-ROM). You can even "go" out of the castle and see the gardens. As I said already, you can go to next room by clicking on the door, but you can also navigate in another way: on your right you can see a plan of the castle and you can simply click on the room where you want to go, or go to another floor of the castle. What else I want to say - the quality of the QuickTime-Photos is very good (that is not normal by QuickTime-technology), so it is a really nice virtual visit. You can also see the castle from outside. You can see it as QuickTime-360?-Photos, or you can also take a look at several historical 3D-Reconstructions of the castle (see the screen shots on the very bottom of that page). You can rotate the reconstructions as you want, but unfortunately you can see the castle only from outside, it is impossible to go inside of the reconstruction. In the castle you can find also a wax-figures museum (it is situated in another building right beside the castle), on the CD-ROM you can also see these figures and it is possible to rotate them, you see here examples with Louise de Lorraine and Louis XIV. (the sun king).

- In each room you can click on paintings in order to enlarge them and you also get small description.
- You will also find a chronology of the castle with 25 historical cards, so you can learn a little about history of France and of the castle.
- If you want to see examples of the reconstructions, click here (QuickTime, 1 Mb)
- Languages: English and French (both languages on each CD-ROM)

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