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Carcassonne is the only one full example of medieval fortress of that size in Europe. It is more than 2000 years old and was founded before the romans conquered the world...
At that time as Christus was born Romans conquered the city of Carcassonne and made it a capital of "Julia-Carcasso"-Province.
The history of Carcassonne is full with wars - doesn't matter if these were political or religious wars...
Also the fact that Carcassonne was a long time on a border of France made it neccessary to fortify the city, so it has two strong walls, many hight towers and also a fortified castle inside of the fortress.

that CD-ROM is a very nice souvenir from Carcassonne, but i wouldn't buy it if I wasn't there. The technology of the CD is very old. You just don't have QuickTime-360?-Fotos, you get just normal simple fotos of the city. Clicking on the Fotos makes "walk" through the city and between the walls.
Walking through the city you can see some short infos appearing (names of towers and gates...) and sometimes you get short spoken info mostly about history of the city.
You can buy the CD-ROM in Carcassonne or in internet (just take a look at menu on your right, you will find the link under "Official Site").

Link to my site about Carcassonne

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