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Ancient Egypt


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 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 75 MHz
 also for MAC available

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 CD-ROM (1 CD)





Ramses - Sun of Egypt

Original-Name: "Ramses - ? la d?couverte de l'?gypte ?ternelle"

Sun of Egypt
Pharaoh Ramses II ruled Egypt 3300 years ago.
But till today we associate his name with greatness and glory of Egypt.

Life and rule of Ramses II As Ramses died, he was 92 years old and ruled for 67 years. He built many splendid buildings, temples and monuments, which still show his divine power. That CD-ROM is an unusual documentation of his life, his dynasty, his politics, his wars and buildings. The famous archeologist Christiane Desroches Nobelcourt presents the greatest of all Pharaohs. More than 3 hours of video, many texts and pictures / photos are waiting for you.
Visit fascinating buildings, temples and tombs in 3D-Reconstruction models. Accompany Ramses-Obelisks on their way from Luxor to Place de la Concorde in Paris in 1836. Watch how the mummy of Ramses II flies from Cairo to Paris to be explored and saved from destruction. How Ramses-Temple was resqued Rare video materials show how the temple was resqued in 1954. Christiane Desroches Noblecourt (author of the CD-ROM) started that action and was supportet by UNESCO. The giant Temple of Abu Simbel was moved 60 mieter higher stone by stone. And also the great architectural structure of the temple, that lets rays of the sun go inside of the temple only 2 times a year, was kept.
Egypt - tresure-box of knowledge The documentral base includes mehr as 300 articles and more than 4000 orignal photos. You will find there several 3D-Reconstructions of Tombs, Buildings and Temples and more than 3 hours of video.

Syrinx gives you a possiblilty to take a look at a small part of 3D-Encyclopedia for free.

And you can do it:
1. Follow the link:
2. click on one of  2 pictures in the middle of the page (there are 2 different things, you can take a look at: 1. 3D-Room "Visite Virtuelle"; 2. The Tomb as 3D model from outside "La tombe en VR ojekt"

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