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 360° view
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 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (3.1/95/98)
 33 MHz
 2 MB disk space

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 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 Altair 4
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Pompei - Virtual Tour

All those visitors who, over the past two centuries, have had the opportunity to walk among the archaeological remains of Pompeii have attempted to imagine what the town must have been like before its was destroyed by the cataclysm of Vesuvius. Perhaps it is the fine state of architectural conservation of the original town plan that makes visitors wish to visualize the original state of the town. The average tourist, however, has very little material to base a true idea upon: the reconstructions in guide books give but a pale, approximate idea of the true magnificence of this extraordinary site.
Altair 4 has been able to give today's visitors a detailed and scientifically accurate reconstruction of the town of Pompeii as it would have appeared two thousand years ago, letting the user decide where to go and what to visit. Virtual reconstructions, three-dimensional animation, and user-defined navigation through the town as it is today are contained in and run on an interactive CD-ROM for Windows. The simulation of the interactive visit lets the user see three-dimensional panoramic views of the original town on their own or superimposed upon today's remains. Everything in the CD has been specially made for this edition, which contains no previously published material.

How the system works.
The interactive system lets you select the exact point on a map of Pompeii where you wish to start your tour: once you have made your choice, the computer shows you the place as if you were actually in the archaeological area. Its "subjective view" system lets you use the arrows on the navigation menu to make your "tour", wandering along the streets, turning off them, rotating through 360? to choose exactly the way you want to go. Information about where you are and the buildings you are looking at can be accessed at any time. The map, which can be consulted at any moment, shows you where you are and the direction you are looking in, and you can zoom in to obtain greater detail. The tour of the archaeological site of Pompeii takes place as if you were really going along the streets, with a fine view of all the monuments, unobstructed by other tourists passing by and with free access to areas normally sealed off from the public. The most important areas of the town, the buildings and most of the crossroads can be restored to their original condition at any time, letting you see the area you are looking at as it originally was. Three-dimensional animations, chosen by the user for display from various angles, can be made of the most interesting complexes, restoring the urban panorama of Pompeii to what it most probably looked like. The tour is also complete with information and hypertexts to help users find out about the site: interactive maps, high-definition photographs, historical and architectural information sheets, spoken commentaries and music. Users of the POMPEII VIRTUAL TOUR system can thus make a complete virtual visit, exploring places normally closed to the public.

The production.
Pompeii Virtual Tour is an ALTAIR 4 project approved by the MEDIA plan of the European Union and has received the approval of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Archaeology Service of Pompeii. Proprietary software modules made for moving about on the interactive Pompeii Virtual Tour are based entirely on original material, while the information sheets are based on the latest academic findings on the subject.

Users can decide which way to go along the streets in the tour area (turning at crossroads, stopping, going straight ahead, etc.) all with a "subjective" view of real images.
- INSTANT LOCATION ON THE MAP: At any time, users can see exactly where they are on a map of the excavations.
- 3D COMPUTER-GRAPHIC RECONSTRUCTIONS: once you have reached a place of particular artistic interest, you can ask the system to show you the same place as it appeared two thousand or so years ago.
- COMPUTERIZED ANIMATIONS: simulazioni in 3D animation delle ricostruzioni dei siti archeologici, animazioni espli-cative del funzionamento di macchine da costruzione.
- ILLUSTRATED HYPERTEXT INFORMATION SHEETS: texts, images and commentaries provide information about individual places, buildings, works of art, etc.

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