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 real time 3D
 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 keyboard controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98/NT/2000/Me)
 300 MHz
 50 MB disk space

released on

 CD-ROM (3 CDs)


 Altair 4
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Ancient Rome tour

Original-Name: "Antica Roma tour"

ANCIENT ROME TOUR is the most ambitious multimedia project ever devoted to a virtual reconstruction of ancient Rome. Ancient Rome tour is a DVD ROM multimedia project dedicated to the virtual vision of ancient Rome, through a series of devices that, sailing through space and time, reveal the architecture and urban fabric of the Eternal City.
The monuments are illustrated by multimedia devices, giving users complete freedom of movement through the ancient architectural composition, either through 3D models or virtual immersion (on all three axes) within the archaeological areas. Wonderful, dream-like views of Imperial Rome conceived in nineteenth century Rome, saved from the ruin of time, are also included. All the contents are organised in a "card file" (over 400 cards), which permits rapid and intuitive access to all the informative devices of the interactive system. While navigating, users can count on interactive devices that constantly inform him, through voice messages or iconographic cards, of the history, art, and evolution of the city.
ANCIENT ROME TOUR takes its users on a "leap through time," offering them the opportunity to take part in a total temporal fade-out from the past to the present, as well as from archaeological reconstructions to today's view.
In fact, monuments can be visited by way of a spectacular virtual navigation system, offering views of both the modern state of ancient buildings and reconstructions of their original appearance, based on the most reliable scientific hypothesis.
This interactive system requires no specific technical or archaeological training. The TOUR has been designed both for people skilled in Roman archaeology and people simply curious about ancient history (all the contents have a layered development); it can easily be used by people not skilled in computers, but it will also be satisfying for experts.
A wide variety of subjects are treated and explored: literature, history, architecture, art, archaeology, urban design, human and social environment, travel, etc., making possible to revisit both the ancient and modern wonders of Rome. Users are encouraged to play with the system by the unfettered use of sophisticated multimedia technologies (virtual panoramas, 3D reconstructions, fades from yesterday's picture to today's view, immersion, etc.). The TOUR'S innovative developmental approach, applied to a unique subject such as Rome, gives it universal value, able to stimulate constant interest over time, going beyond fashionable trends. Our aim has been to make this product an enjoyable and useful tool for the popularisation of Roman history, culture and art, using clear, direct language, elegant graphics, and intuitive interfaces.
people you can see in the reconstructions:
You can find some people there, so you don't feel yourself alone, but all the people are just like statues, they don't move and don't speak.

Here you can see 5 screen shots of the sampe place. Users of Ancient Rome Tour will be able to visit the main archaeological sites in Rome, both as they appear nowadays and in 3D virtual reconstruction. Users will have the opportunity to visualise 360° images on both horizontal and vertical planes, to zoom into them and to access information from the system -- a virtual inspection of the site. Users will also have the opportunity to choose an "hourglass" key that will permit them to leap back into the past and to see the area as it may have appeared from the same point of view in its greatest splendour. I found that function to be extremely interesting as you can see what remained and what was here once, and it's also possible to compare! So, here you see screen shots of Dumus Flavia now and then.

After you buy it you can update it. To update the encyclopedia you have to connect you to internet, start the encyclopedia and then click there on "Internet-Articles". A list of files, available for download appears and you can choose what you want. New files will be integrated in the encyclopedia as if they always were there, so don't have to do anything yourself. New files are: Pictures, Photos, Texts... some new 3D-Reconstructions were also promised....

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