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Versailles Palace

1685 A.C.


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (DOS/3.1/95/98)
 4 MB disk space
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


 Cryo Interactive



Versailles 1685 - A game of Intrigue at the court of Louis XIV

Original-Name: "Versailles 1685 - Complot ? la Cour du Roi Soleil"

Step back in time over 300 years in this groundbreaking 3-D adventure game that will immerse you in a world of art, music and royal protocol in history's most beautiful palace.
Explore every corner, find the clues and unlock the mysteries of the Court, as you strive to stop an insidious conspiracy of destruction.
From the fascinating men and women you will meet, to the rooms and artworks you will marvel at, VERSAILLES 1685 will let you see, hear and interact with a world you thought was lost forever.
That computer game gives an unbelievable opportunity to spend one day at the court of one of greatest kings in world history. You'll meet and talk to people, who really existed and had the wheels of People's fortune in there hands.
You can explore every corner of the biggest palace in the world.
You get the feeling that you are really in 17th's century Versailles!
Thus, VERSAILLES 1685 combines pure multimedia entertainment pleasure borught to you by Cryo and complete historical information and precision thanks to the work of the Museum of Versailles.

VERSAILLES 1685 allows you to discover Versailles freely with the revolutionary OMNI3D technology. OMNI3D allows you to scan your surroundings at 360? horizontally and as high as you want vertically.
So get ready to enter secret and forbidden places, visit Versailles, or explore Le N?tre's maze. But moving arround isn't enough. VERSAILLES 1685 has a clear interface that allows you to interact fully with your environment.
Speak with over 30 characters who made history and find objects or secret messages that will help you in your quest.
In addition to state of the art entertainment, VERSAILLES 1685 offers : An amazing collection of art with over 200 paintings. The entire private collection of the King is brought together once again for the first time in centuries.
Discover paintings that are now in the world's biggest museums (the Louvre, the Prado...).
Furthermore, this is a unique chance to see them in the environment they were originally made for. You will also discover the greatest masters' painted ceilings, with OMNI3D, just as if you were there. Utmost historical precision.
This CD-ROM was made with the active participation of the Museum of Versailles. The research lasted two years to rebuild Versailles in computer generated 3-D.Sites that have now disapeared where rebuilt based upon numerous archives.
VERSAILLES 1685's characters are also based upon portraits from the XVIIth century. A complete and precise source of information At any point during the adventure, you can access documents on the Castle, the Court and the history of Versailles.

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