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1505 A.C.


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 no 360° view
 perspektive: 3rd person
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (3.1/95/98)

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)





Leonardo - the venetian conspiracy

The Adventure "Leonardo" plays in the age of Renaissance in Italy. In the year 1505 somebody stole very important documents from Leonardo da Vinci's atelier in Florence. The thief comes probably from antagonistic Venice. One of the documents tells about one secret manuscript where Leonardo's perpetuum mobile is described. That manuscript can be found in one of Abbeys in the north of Italy and that information can be taken from one of the stolen documents. If somebody reads it, he can go to the Abbey and steal the manuscript. Venice hopes to get great power by building perpetuum mobile. That's why Leonardo is worried about future of Florence. He asks his faithful servant Salai to find the secret manuscript.
You are Salai, Leonardo's servant and pupil. You have to find the manuscript and save Florence.
The story is created by developers, but all the history dates, persons and many other things in that game are real. Many texts inform you about Leonardo da Vinci, his life and his time. In such way you learn about that thrilling age.
The game is very old and that can be very good recognized looking at the graphic quality. It's just a 2D adventure in 256 colors (very pixilated) and you can only read all the dialogs (there is no sound, only subtitles). But the background music makes the situation a little bit better.

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