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Paris - Louvre

1377 - 1610 - 1770 - 2000 A.C.


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 166 MHz
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


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The Final Curse (UK), The Messenger (USA)

Original-Name: "Louvre - L'Ultime Mal?diction"

Morgana must retrieve 4 artifacts, called ?Satan?s Keys,? from the Louvre Museum. These four keys, when joined together, cause complete global annihilation.
Go back in time to three periods in time when various kings used the Louvre as their residential palaces: Charles V - Medieval period (1377), Henri IV - Renaissance period (1610), Louis XV - 1789 French Revolution period, and return safely to present day. In this race against evil and against time, you as Morgana must find the keys before the vengeful descendants of an evil cult of Black Templars combine these mystic artifacts triggering Armageddon.
Morgane meets a mysterious ghost who sends her back in time. You visit Louvre in five different time periods! As the building complex has undergone radical evolution during its eight-hundred-year history, this is quite an appealing prospect for a history buff indeed. To help get you up to speed on the Louvre's various incarnations, there's a handy in-game tutorial that gives you information on the Louvre of each period you visit.
The Documentary base is very small. You can find several models of Louvre on it's different stages of development. The reconstruction of Louvre is fantastic! You can visit many different rooms inside of it. It's really ecxiting to visit same rooms in different ages - you see how Louvre changed. Only thing I didn't like there - you meet many historical persons, that really existed (Queen Maria Medici, Louis XIII and some others) but you don't get any informations about that. If you know who that could be - you are a winner. If not - nobody tells you.

- A gripping graphical mystery adventure that captures the imagination Phoenix VR technology for 360 degrees panorama
Totally recreated settings in authentic detail
- Original storyline & original score
- it's the most famous museum in the world you have to break into, the monumental Louvre in Paris.

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