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France - Spain

1208 A. C.


released in



 no 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 166 MHz
 5 MB disk space

released on

 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


 Arxel Tribe
 Official Site




Set in the beginning of the XIIIth century, PILGRIM is the quest of Simon de Lancroix who has been entrusted a manuscript by his dying father. The young man will have to survive deadly encounters to save the coveted document from the Inquisition.
This time around it's 12th century France. Our hero is a young man whose dying father gives him a mission: he must travel to Toulouse and deliver a mysterious manuscript to a mysterious stranger.
Through the course of your character's journey you will see a variety of environments, including the market at Toulouse, the countryside, a ruined fortress, various churches, and a host of surreal environments.
There is a dark story about a religious underground that the Pope's henchmen were trying to root out. And there are also wide variety of characters to meet--priests, merchants, acrobats, soldiers, scholars, etc.

The game got many awards from different French PC-Magazines
You will find also a data base on middle ages (more than 150 pages)
Second release of the game includes a bonus CD with Interview with Paulo Coelho and original designs by Moebius Story written by Paulo Coelho, who wrote "The Alchimist"
Design und characters by Moebius, his other works are "Blueberry" and "Der Incal".

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