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1313 A.C.


released in



 no 360° view
 perspektive: 3rd person
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98/NT)
 133 MHz
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 Wanadoo Edition



Paris 1313 - The Mystery of Notre Dame Cathedral

Original-Name: "Paris 1313 - Le disparu de Notre-Dame"

Paris in 1313. During people of Paris having fun taking part at a festival, a young and talented goldsmith Adam disappears. Adam served His Majesty and disappeared in a very mysterious way. Why? Who ordered that? What had he done to make somebody wanting him dead?
His brother Jacques, a comedy actress Rosemonde and young nobleman Pierre de Cinq-Ormes unite to look for truth.
You will play all three characters in order you want to. But don't neglect any of them! They need each other to disclose the mystery!
The game is devided into 9 levels. Each level is devided into 3 parts. To move from one level to another you have to solve all 3 parts of it. Each part is played by Jaques, Rosemonde or Pierre de Cinq-Ormes. You can play the parts in order you like to.
The riddles of the game are not difficult. Unfortunately the plot doesn't let you to do anything wrong. You can go only there, where you HAVE to go, you can click only such things, that you HAVE to click to solve the riddle... The graphiks are great but unfortunately you don't have a 360-degree-movement. To turn yourself right or left you have to click on the edge of the screen (as it was in Myst). The plot is very interesting and exciting. The fact that the three protagonists are from three different strata of society adds an element of complexity and depth to the plot. It's quite intriguing to see each character's story develop and move forward as you complete each chapter.
The Atmosphere is fantastic and there is also a big documentary base about medieval Paris with plenty images (there is no documentary base in German version, but if you own german version, you can download an english version of documentary base on that site. Just go to the german version of this site and find "Paris 1313" there).

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