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 Crystal skull 
 Paris 1313 
 TerraX - Aztecs 
 TerraX - Mallorca 


 Castle Explorer 
 Ch?teau des Cars 
 Châteaux Forts 
 Mont Saint Michel 
 Palazzo Vecchio 
 Temps Châteaux Forts 


from ancient times till now


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 no 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled
 no encyclopedia

system requirements

 Windows (3.1/95/98)
 6 MB disk space

released on

 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


 Discovery Channel




Come to the world that will fastinate you!
Fight against chaos and save the world! Discover hidden connections!
You can leave each world only after you found the ultimative answer!
- that was the text on the original box of the game. Now you will learn what that game is really about ;-)
You find yourself in one of the centuries(there are several of them there) and you can move yourself freely, speak to people you find there (the people are real actors integrated in the computer world), and to explore everything you see. That game is very educativ as you learn a lot while playing it. You can find different things there, but every of them will be exactly explained to you by James Burke, he tells you many interesting things - who invented/discovered it, which connection does it have to some other things you found already (that's why the game's name is "Connections"), how it works or whatever.
All these expanations are very interesting and nice as they are videos with many slide-shows, actors in costumes of the time and so on.

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