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Aztec Imperium

1517 a.C.


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 DirectX 6
 166 MHz
 8 MB disk space
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 Cryo Interactive



Aztec - the curse in the heart of the city of gold

Original-Name: "Aztec - Mal?diction au coeur de la cit? d'or"

Aztec is one of the Cryo's excellent historical interactive fiction series. Like its earlier historical excursions through Egypt, Versailles, and China's Forbidden City, Aztec is a fictional story in a setting that's just brimming with authentic historical detail.
The setting of the story is the area surrounding the great capital city of Tenochtitlan in the year 1517, during the twilight of the Aztec empire. You play a character named Little Serpent, a young hunter who accidentally witnesses the murder of a nobleman while out gathering birds for his family's dinner table. The warrior who committed the murder has poor Little Serpent blamed for it, rendering him an outcast and his parents prisoners bound for the bloody sacrificial altar. If your boy is to free his parents and himself, he has to somehow solve the mystery surrounding the murder.
In 1517 the year of "twelve rabbit" on the Aztec calendar, a strange illness is overcoming the city of Tenochtitl?n, "the heart of the single world" of the Aztecs. An illness that the doctors and healers have great difficulty in identifying.
There have already been deaths and many are suffering with no potions or cures to take away their pain. Rumors are spreading, saying that a curse has been brought down on the Mexicas: a curse due to the exactions of the greatest of them, the Emperor Moctezuma II. Some prophecies say that this terrible misfortune will come to end if the Emperor definitively gives up the throne.
The player is / portrays Coapil "little serpent", a young huntsman living on the outskirts of the Aztec capital. Coapil leads a simple life regulated by the ritual calendars. But his life is about to be completely changed.
When out hunting, he comes by chance on a murder and hears conversations that he should never have heard ?
Pursued by eagle-knights, he flees back to his village. It is then he sees that he has been accused of the crime he came upon by chance and his family has been taken away and is soon to be sacrificed. Coapil does not have much time but a few clues convince him that the curse that has been brought down on the city is not foreign to his own misfortunes.
Coapil sets off on the adventure. There is danger everywhere. He must choose his friends with care, unmask the traitors. There will be many intrigues? His investigation will take him to the most prestigious places of Tenochtitl?n, to the temples of the center of the island and into the Emperor's palace. The city of gold with a hundred pyramids becomes the place of all ambushes ?

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