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 Discovery Channel



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Byzantine - the betrayal

Ancient relics and modern murder lie at the heart of this rich, action-packed real world adventure set in the crossroads of Europe and Asia: Istanbul, Turkey. Byzantine swept the 1998 EMMA Awards, winning "Best Adult Entertainment" and "Best Fantasy/Adventure Game" as well as the ultimate accolade: "Gold Medal for Excellence" awarded to the best multimedia title of the year across all categories. Byzantine is the flagship game in the Discovery Channel's much anticipated Planet Explorer line. Super-immersive 360-degree photographic environments, 45 minutes of full-screen video shot on location in exotic Istanbul, puzzles based on mysteries from the ancient past, and a story rooted in real-life modern intrigues, puts players at the heart of an adventure that will keep them guessing until the last perplexing second. Byzantine's ultra-detailed landscape includes recreations of some of the world's most important ancient sites, brought to life through careful research and painstaking computer artistry.
You are a journalist. You old friend called you asking for help. So you go to Istanbul to help him to disclose an international smuggling ring. As you come to his flat you find out that your friend disappeared and police is looking for you as they think you are a murder... What your friend found out and where he is? And who is Klio? Maybe you could solve the mystery learning a great history of that magnificent city?
Your adventure makes you go through three thounsand years of Istanbul history. Visit Ottoman's palaces, solve mysteries of ancient Sultans and Emperors and learn to find out who's your friend and who is your enemy...
Auf der Flucht suchen Sie nach Puzzlest?cken des unfa?baren R?tsels. Explore palaces, mosques, streets and bazars in Instanbul. Dive into the mystical wold of Orient and enjoy it's beauty and ancient intrigues.

- 120 different Panorama-Locations
- Photorealistic sourroundings
- 40 actors, 45 minutes of videos, 40 hours of gameplay

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