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Germany / Bavaria

Neuschwanstein castle

1886 A. C.


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 1MB grafik card
 100 MHz
 45 MB disk space
 also for MAC available

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 Official Site



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Neuschwanstein - Bavarian Castle Puzz3D

By order of His Majesty: build the last fairy-tale castle for the last fairy-tale king. The year is 1869. Ludwig II. Bavaria's handsome young king, has granted you the honor of building Neuschwanstein Castle. Your challenge: assemble all the pieces o this 3-D puzzle and complete this momument to the Romantic spirit. But the constrution is only the beginning. The friendship between the intense, impilsive monarch and famed composer Richard Wagner seems to have released strange ghosts inside the walls of the mountain castle. Explore Neuschwanstein and help the lonely souls who walk its corridors.
Create the famouse Neuschwanstein Castle on your PC. Assemble the 3-Dimensional puzzle. After you will put the last puzzle part on it's place your puzzle-castle will turn into the real one!!! You can go inside and explore many rooms and solve the mystery of the castle. The castle inside and outside is an exactly reconstruction in Quick-Time Graphiks. You will meet Ludwig II, the builder of the castle and learn alot about the history of the castle.
You will be also able to visit the chapel, that was planned but never built!
The Fairy-Tale Castle Neuschwanstein was bult by Ludwig II of Bavaria in the end of XIXth century.
It's cartoon copy can be found in Disneyland.

The "Bavarian Castle" consists of three parts:
1. A 3-Dimensional Puzzle with 4 different difficulty levels. You can track your performance with graphs and optional stopwatch, listen and watch different historical stories and videosclips played by real actors.
2. Interactive exploration of the castle (outside and inside)
3. Solve the mystery (it's like a small adventure game)
Download: SaveGame -> with that save game you can go to the castle without building the puzzle at first Download (1 Kb Zip-File)

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