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 Zenturio's Mystery 


Roman Empire


44 B.C.


released in



 real time 3D
 360° view
 perspektive: 3rd person
 keyboard controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 4MB grafik card
 200 MHz

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


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ROME - Caesar's will

Original-Name: "ROME - Le testament de C?sar"

Rome, a year after Caesar's assanssination. To save the beautiful Aurelia, assume the identity of Hercules, a brave Roman decurion, and explore the intrigues of the Roman Republic. Confront the dictator's assassins and find Cesar's will.
Confront the leading figures of Ancient Rome Thwart the devious plans of the powerful Mark Anthony. Meet Cleopatra, the scheming queen of Egypt. Be on your guard against the devouring ambition fo Octavius. Learn about political life from Cicero. Ally yourself with Brutus, the ardent defender of the Republic. Take part in the great events that make up Rome's action-packed history.
Explore some extraordinary sites in real time: the Forum, the Temple of Vesta, the house of Cicero, the gardens of Caesar, etc. in a spectacular 3-D reconstruction of the Roman world.
Dialogue freely with 40 characters. Choose the right attitude to make allies, obtain information, win people's affection, or lay traps. But be careful! Their reactions depend on your own behavior.
Will you be able to prove the innocence of Aurelia, despite all the stratagems and betrayals, polots and intrigues? Your enemies have sworn to eliminate you. Your time is limited!

- A scenario closely linked to real historical events
- An innovative "dialogue engine" (ReActiveAttitudes Technology)
- A superb 3D reconstruction of Ancient Rome
- A universe you can freely explore
- 40 animated 3D characters in real-time
- documentary reference material containing over 100 articles

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