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Giza plateau


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 no 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled
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 Windows (95/98/ME)
 166 MHz

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 CD-ROM (3 CDs)


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Riddle of the Sphinx - an Egyptian Adventure

Ever wanted to walk through the Great Pyramid and explore its chambers unencumbered?
The Great Pyramid of Cheops was modeled to scale and rendered using the same stone material... stone by stone. The features, imperfections, and architecture have been replicated for total immersion. (The only recognizable elements we intentionally omitted are the graffiti currently defacing the Great Pyramid and most other monuments.)
Intrigued by the Great Sphinx of the Giza plateau? If not, you will.
The Sphinx, as with Cheops, is a replica of the large, enigmatic statue (as close as we could modestly come to recreating such an awesome work of art) . In the game, unlike reality, you're able to walk in, around, under, and over the Sphinx at your leisure. In fact, the enclosure in which the Sphinx sits has also been recreated using real restoration photos.
And as a bonus, you can walk into the body of the Sphinx... a cavity that Gil (in the game) discovered. In truth., there is at least one "tunnel" or "cavity" in the Sphinx. Others are rumored to exist but none have been proven. Riddle of the Sphinx? is your key to finding the speculated cham... oops, almost gave it away.
Excited by the possibility of discovering secret chambers? Examining hidden tombs? Unearthing sacred artifacts? Exploring lost temples?
So are a lot of others. Notably archaeologists, egyptologists, scientists, geophysicists and famous psychics... some of whom have found convincing evidence or proposed exotic theories of hitherto undiscovered chambers, tunnels, passageways, doors, tombs, labyrinths, and the Hall of Records. Some of the mysterious environments you explore are based on new discoveries and ancient myths & legends... the best of both worlds!
Other environments are pure fantasy, but retain the look and feel of ancient Egypt. And all environments contain artifacts (see knife above) found by Howard Carter during his colossal discovery of King Tut's tomb.
Violent sand storms have once again covered most of the Sphinx and Great Pyramids. After years of digging, noted archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys uncovers a secret chamber overlooked for centuries. Geoffreys' trip reveals an ancient, brittle papyrus scroll. After rough translation, he realizes he's found the 'Rosetta Stone' of the Sphinx.
Unfortunately, after breaking the scroll's seal and deciphering it's mysterious contents, Geoffreys realizes he's unleashed an ancient curse. Realizing he is doomed, Geoffreys sends for you, his closest friend and colleague.
Your first responsibility will be to locate the missing scroll. Then, using the tattered scroll with Gil's translation, you'll be on the way to solving the Riddle of the Sphinx!
That game was released ONLY in USA.

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