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ancient Egypt


released in



 no 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 100 MHz

released on

 CD-ROM (3 CDs)


 Metropolitan Museum of Art



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Nile - an ancient egyptian quest

That game was released by "Simon & Schuster Interactive" with support of "Metropolitan Museum of Art" in 1997.
That game consists of several parts:
1. Adventure game where you have to look for different things (after you find something you can watch an interesting historical video) and then you must combine the things you found. If your combination is right, another historical video will be shown. Inside of the game you will also find some smaller built-in games.
2. There are two old-egyptian games, which can be also found in the Adventure game (part 1), but it is possible also to play them not inside of the game. The games are "Senet" and Hounds and Jackals". You will also find an animated instructions how to play the games.
3. A "Museum". That is something like a Slide-Show with high-quality photos of different ancient egyptian things from collection of "Metropolitan Museum of Art".
The quantity of the photos in not big, but the photos are very interesting.
The game was released in 1997 and the technical solution of it is not the modest. If you want to turn yourself to right or left you have to use arrows (as in Myst I), but your turn is full-animated so you get the feelling that you have a 360?-Perspective.
If you will look on the screenshots you will see a frame. That frame has many useful buttons on it: Help, Inventar and so on. It also adds more atmosphere to the game.
The game can be played in full-screen-mode although it was released in 1997 (not in a small window in the middle of your big screen).
As already written above, there are a lot of historical videos shown in the game, all of them are very interesting for people who would like to learn more about mythology of ancient Egypt. The Videos are made of drawings and of animated reproductions of ancient egyptian wall-paintings.
That game was released only in USA and it belongs to the rarest games ever. It is impossible to buy it as new, you can only find it as second-hand if you are lucky enough.

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