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ancient times


 Egypt 1156 B.C. 
 Egypt II 
 Egyptian Prophecy 
 Nile - ancient quest 
 Riddle of the Sphinx 
 TerraX - Pharao 
 Zenturio's Mystery 


 Ancient Egypt 
 Ancient Rome tour 
 Colonia Ulpia Traiana 
 Pompei - Virtual Tour 
 Tomb of Sennedjem 
 Villa Rustica 
 Zenturio's Mystery 


Alexandria, Rhodos, Greece, Rome


released in



 real time 3D
 no 360° view
 perspektive: 3rd person
 keyboard controlled

system requirements

 Windows (98/2000/NT/ME/XP)
 128MB RAM
 500 MHz
 150 MB disk space

released on

 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


 Ruske & Pühretmaier
 Official Site



Historion - and History turns into adventure

Historion is the next game after Chemicus, Bioscopia, Opera Fatal and Physicus.
Help Tom to find out why the digital world doesn't function properly as there is a dangerous computer virus that can destroy whole history of the human kind!
Explore famous lighthouse and palaces in Alexandria, take a look at the colossus of Rhodos, visit Olympia and see how the Zeus-Temple looked like!
Follow Tom on his journey to wonders of ancient times. Fight against dangerous virus that can destroy history, speak with Phidias, Caesar and guard of times. Meet many other people in other historical places.
Is there anything more exciting than a visit to gone-away times, a look at every-day-life of disappeared cultures, a conversation with historical persons and a visit to places which don't exist any more? All that, packed in an exciting adventure is "Historion".
In a near feature exists world history only as a digital world in a great library. And now that library got a dangerous virus! You have to save the history of human kind. Travel to the past with time machine to find four magic stones - only with these stones you can free your library from that virus! After you got the stones - oh no! - the way to the future is blocked! So you have to live in the past till you reach your time. So you have to travel in ancient Greece and in Middle Ages and to be able to survive in these unusual for you times. You will have a possibility to learn a lot about society, art, religion, geography knowleges of different times, military, economics and you will get to know some historical persons. But Virus doesn't want to be defeated and it sends some mystery persons to cross your way. You also have to think about your food and you have to learn how to avoid dangerous situations. Only then you will be able to save history of mankind!
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