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 Zenturio's Mystery 




1360 B.C.


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98/2000)
 4MB grafik card
 DirectX 7
 25 MB disk space

released on

 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


 Cryo Interactive
 Official Site



Egypt II - the prophecy of Heliopolis

Original-Name: "Egypte II - la proph?tie d'H?liopolis"

Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, the center of learning, one of the most important capitals of Egypt in 1350 BC. A frightening and horrible epidemic threatens to destroy this city devoted to the cult of the god R?. Tifet, a young priestess of Sekhmet, the goddess of illness and medicine, sets out to find a cure to save her adoptive father and the inhabitants of Heliopolis. From mysterious revelations to strange disappearances, her quest will lead her to discover the dubious relationship that has been woven between power and religion?
In the chaos that is waiting to strike Heliopolis, will the gods be with you or against you?

an adventure game with historical content accompanied by a documentary base, scripted and validated by historians specializing in the period.
25 characters and over 30 different places to discover as you advance through the game.
the discovery of Egyptian society, particularly its religious and mythological aspects.
the emphasis is placed on the wealthy and vivid atmospheres for as intense an immersion as possible.

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