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1157 B.C.


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98)
 90 MHz

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 Cryo Interactive



Egypt 1156 B.C. - tomb of the pharaoh

Original-Name: "Egypte - 1156 avant J.-C."

Cryo goes to excruciating trouble to make the backgrounds, art, story, and cultural references historically accurate. Made with the collaboration of the Reunion des Mus?es Nationaux, the game is like textbooks come to life.
You play a young investigator trying to track down the guilty parties in a recent tomb robbery. Raising the stakes a bit is the fact that your character's own father has been falsely accused of the crime. You have only three days, before a major religious festival commences, to solve the mystery.
The game takes place in six episodes. Each episode takes place in a different location: the tomb where the robbery occurred, the workers' village, the embalming shop, a new tomb under construction, a noble's estate, and finally the Temple of Luxor.
The game comes with an online encyclopedia that covers all of the areas of the game in exhaustive detail.
The game does touch on many different interesting historical subjects, from embalming to mural creation in the tombs, to religion, politics, and culture.

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