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Le temps des ch?teaux forts
  new software from creators of "Mont Saint Michel" is annonced. It will be released in the second half of 2005.
That time it's about medieval castles in France.
<-- click here to learn more
Egypte Antique - released in France
  After 7 Months of waiting (the release date was January 2004), that beautiful CD-ROM was released in France on DVD (and not on CDs as annonced).
It is possible to order the DVD on (in French).
I've published 13 new screen shots from that DVD on this site.
Stirling Castle - Virtual Tour
  I would like to present an official Stirling Castle CD-ROM. There are many 360?-Photos of Stirling Castle (created with QuickTime-Technology). Check it out! :-)
Edinburgh Castle - Virtual Tour
  Here is the second CD from "Historic Scotland"-Collection. As far as I know there are only two of them at the moment, but I hope there would be much more once.
Alhambra 360?
  my new discovery:
the most visited monument in Europe on CD :-)
Mont Saint Michel 3D!
  100% reconstuction of Mont Saint Michel was released in France!
It is possible to visit every corner of Saint Michel!! and that in two different ages: in year 1400 and in year 2000
Egypt III will be released in October 2003
  Egypt III is now on that site, enjoy the screen-shots!
Pompei - Virtual Tour
  After searching for 2 years for that CD-ROM, I was able to buy it! Now I present that beautiful Multimedia-Programm on that site!
Though the CD was produced in 1996, it still looks great!!
Spanish Palaces 3D in Internet
  I've discovered a site where you can see 3D-Reconstructions of 6 spanish palaces (for free)!!!
Chateau des Cars -new infos and new screen shots
  I just bought that CD-ROM (I was searching for it for more than a year), that's why I present new infos and new screen shots on the site :-)
Ch?teau des Cars is one of many castles in french province Limousin.
On that CD-ROM you will learn not only history of castle, but you can also explore the whole castle as on the CD-ROM you will find a complete reconstruction of a castle.
  URL added
Crack (hero is immortal)
  I've found a crack for the game that makes the hero immrotal :-)
Cheat for the game
the hero is immortal
new on the site - Carcassonne
  Carcassonne is the only one full example of medieval fortress of that size in Europe. It is more than 2000 years old and was founded before the romans conquered the world... At that time as Christus was born Romans conquered the city of Carcassonne and made it a capital of "Julia-Carcasso"-Province. The history of Carcassonne is full with wars - doesn't matter if these were political or religious wars... Also the fact that Carcassonne was a long time on a border of France made it neccessary to fortify the city, so it has two strong walls, many hight towers and also a fortified castle inside of the fortress.
New on the site - Castle Explorer
  that is a multimedia-programm that was created first of all for children, but it is also good suitable for grown-ups ;-)
I wish all of you happy New Year!!!
as a small present for you I decided to "recreate" the site. It uses PHP now, that makes it much easier for me to update it! So updates will appear more often now :-)
I hope you'll like the "new" site.
If you have any suggestions or problems with the site, please write me a mail or just post in my guest book or in my forum.
..:: Happy 2003 ::..
new on the site - Tomb of Sennedjem
  How people in ancient Egypt lived, which Gods they had, which ideas did they had about live after death?
On that CD-ROM you will find 600 MB of pictures, videos, interactive walks through the whole thomb and through the house of Sennedjem. Many objects, tools, modells can be explored on PC-Screen in 3D.
W?rzburg - virtual city guide
  It took me so much time to make that presentation (I bought that CD-ROM in W?rzburg in August), but now it is here! There is also such a guide about Heidelberg, but I don't have it (maybe "yet").
new on the site - Palaces and Gardens in Europe
  During my week-end trip to Paris I found that wonderful CD-ROM in Louvre-Gift-Shop.
On the CD-ROM you can visit (in 3D) most beautiful Palaces of Europe. Versailles (France), Marly (France), Sch?nbrunn (Austria), Peterhof (Russia), La Granja (Spain), Caserte (Italy), Drottningholm (Sweden), Villa Pisani (Italy).

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