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"Versailles II" is going to be released again
  "Versailles II" will be released in a new form - it will be playable on all DVD-Players (not only on Computer, but also on TV-Set with remote control).

Here is the official site:
Le temps des ch?teaux forts
  new software from creators of "Mont Saint Michel" is annonced. It will be released in the second half of 2005.
That time it's about medieval castles in France.
<-- click here to learn more
"Ancient Egypt Tour" will be released also in Germany
  USM-Publishing descided to release "Ancient Egypt Tour" in Germany. That beautiful programm was published first in 1997 in Italy. It was sold out and never reprinted again.
That year "Ancient Egypt Tour" was released at first in France as "Egypte Antique", now it comes to Germany as "Das Alte ?gypten"
USM will also rerelease "Ancient Rome Tour" as "Das Alte Rom 2.0". The differences between both releases were not annonced yet
Official Site for "Egypt III" is online!
  DreamCatcher created the official Egypt III-Site where you can find many screen shots, teaser, trailer and some musik samples from the game.
The site has also beatiful background musik... :-)
Ancient Egypt - Virtual Tour
  that very rare encyclopedia which was released once only in Italy and was completely sold out then, will be now rereleased. That time in France (it was annonced for 15th of January 2004, but it is still not known when it will be released...).
Maybe once it will be released also in English....

you can preorder it here (in French):
new historical game annonced
"DreamCatcher Europe" annonced new historical adventure - "Egypt III" that will be released at the end of the year. That game will be mostly about Egyptian Mithology.
Inquisition-Patch! Now you can save the game at every moment you would like to!!!
  Wanadoo realized it's biggest mistake in the game "Inquisition"! Now you can save the game wherever you want!!!
Spainish Palaces and Cathedrals 3D in Internet!
On the following sites you can find 3D-Rekonstructions of 6 spanish palaces and 5 spanish cathedrals (for free). To be able to make a virtual visit you have to download and install a small plugin (also available on the site).

To look around klick and hold your left mouse button and move your mouse
To move yourself around klick and hold your right mouse button and move your mouse

new game coming - Omega Stone (Riddle of the Sphinx II)
  A new game will be released in USA in March 2003
It's name is "Omega Stone" and that is the sequel to "Riddle of the Sphinx". "Riddle of the Sphinx" is available on that site.
what about "Omega Stone" - I'm not sure if it will be a history-adventure or just a mystic one.
The screen shots of the game are great: Stonehenge, Aztec Pyramides, Egyptian Pyramids and much more, Real-time environmental effects (rain, sun, water, etc.)
as soon as I will learn if that is a history-adventure or not, the game will appear on that site (or will not ;-) )
Inquisition released!
  The long awaited game Inquisition was released last week and you can buy it anywhere. The CD-Version of the game includes 5 language versions: Englisch, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

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