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 Aztec - the curse in the heart of the city of gold middle ages Cryo Interactive
 Berlin Connection present times ekuinteractive
 Byzantine - the betrayal present times Discovery Channel
 Casanova - the duel of black rose modern times Arxel Tribe
 Châlucet - Mystery of medieval fortress middle ages Ultime
 China - intrigue in the Forbidden City modern times Cryo Interactive
 Connections several different ages Discovery Channel
 Crusader - A Conspiracy in the Kingdom of Jerusalem middle ages Index +
 Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern ancient times Kheops Studios
 Egypt 1156 B.C. - tomb of the pharaoh ancient times Cryo Interactive
 Egypt II - the prophecy of Heliopolis ancient times Cryo Interactive
 Egyptian Prophecy - The Fate of Ramses ancient times Adventure Company
 Genesys several different ages Wanadoo Edition
 Historion - and History turns into adventure ancient times Ruske & Pühretmaier
 Inquisition middle ages Wanadoo Edition
 Jerusalem middle ages Arxel Tribe
 Leonardo - the venetian conspiracy modern times Beck
 Neuschwanstein - Bavarian Castle Puzz3D present times Wrebbit
 Nile - an ancient egyptian quest ancient times Metropolitan Museum of Art
 Notre Dame de Paris - Puzz3D modern times Wrebbit
 Opsys several different ages [hyper]media
 Paris 1313 - The Mystery of Notre Dame Cathedral middle ages Wanadoo Edition
 Pilgrim middle ages Arxel Tribe
 Pompei - The Legend of Vesuvius (US: Timescape - Journey to Pompei) ancient times Arxel Tribe
 Qin - tomb of the middle kingdom ancient times Navigo
 Riddle of the Sphinx - an Egyptian Adventure ancient times DreamCatcher
 Road to India present times Microids
 ROME - Caesar's will ancient times Montparnasse
 SPQR - the empire's darkest hour ancient times Cybersites
 TerraX - Blood of Aztecs middle ages ZDF Enterprises GmbH
 TerraX - Curse of the Pharao ancient times ZDF Enterprises GmbH
 TerraX - Death trap at Ayers Rock modern times ZDF Enterprises GmbH
 TerraX - The Mallorca Intrigue middle ages ZDF Enterprises GmbH
 The crystal skull middle ages Maxis
 The Final Curse (UK), The Messenger (USA) modern times Index +
 The Legend of Lotus Spring modern times DreamCatcher
 The Secrets of Da Vinci : The Forbidden Manuscript modern times Kheops Studios
 Timeline - Michael Chrichton middle ages Eidos
 Titanic - A Race To Alter History On A Ship Out Of Time present times Barracuda Inc
 Traitors Gate present times DreamCatcher
 Venice - Fortune and Glory in the city of the Doges middle ages Cryo Interactive
 Versailles 1685 - A game of Intrigue at the court of Louis XIV modern times Cryo Interactive
 Versailles II - the Testament modern times Cryo Interactive
 Vikings middle ages Index +
 Zenturio's Mystery ancient times fhb - freies historiker b?ro

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