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 Lotus Spring 
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 Notre Dame de Paris 
 Secrets of da Vinci 
 TerraX - Ayers Rock 
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 Versailles II 


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 no 360° view
 perspektive: 3rd person
 mouse controlled

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 Windows (96/98/2000)
 166 MHz
 also for MAC available

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 CD-ROM (2 CDs)


 Wanadoo Edition
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"Genesys" is more an encyclopedia as a game, but it's also interesting as a game.
Embark on a voyage of discovery into the history of humanity, from the Big Bang to the 3rd millennium. Learn about the inventions and discoveries that shaped the way the human race has evolved. As part of this process you will explore China, Egypt, America? on the trail of the major technological revolutions, from the discovery of fire to the dawn of information technology.
You explore all the continents during five different ages (Prehistoric, Ancient Civilisations, the Middle Ages, the Industrial Age and the Present Day). You are faced with 16 brainteasing enigmas based on real or plausible historical occurrences. You have to explore the different settings of the game on the hunt for clues, questioning characters and collecting objects that you store in an inventory. You can also make use of an extremely rich information base on the history of human and technological evolution and man's ideas and beliefs, plus the QuickMove navigational tool.

- Exceptional cinematography: video clips, characters in period costume, 3D, 2D, special effects, and original music specially composed for each era.
- More than 30 hours of gameplay
- 16 game levels
- 5 faithfully reconstructed periods
- 16 inventions and discoveries that shaped man's development
- 53 different game settings
- 120 characters in period costume
- almost 100 historical factsheets
- 40 minutes of video
- 2 hours of atmospheric soundtrack

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