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 perspektive: 3rd person
 mouse controlled

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 Windows (95/98)
 133 MHz

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 CD-ROM (3 CDs)


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Vikings was released on a limited basis only in Europe
Forget who you are. Now you are Vinking!!
"Vikings" is more an encyclopedia, than a game, but it's also very interesting as a game
Well ... in order to play Vikings, the only solution is to be a Viking. Forget who you are, you will need to live like a Viking ... think and react like a Viking. Only if you are successful in so doing will you be able to confront the Forces of Chaos and restore order to the Viking world. ...We are at the beginning of the year 1000, in a world on the edge of chaos, when we, as the player, are introduced to Hjalmar, son of Ingmar, a powerful Viking chief and owner of a rich estate in Iceland, who has been murdered. ...the player, as Hjalmar, travels through four unbelievable worlds of terrifying adventure, where Hjalmar seeks answers to a growing list of mysteries and murderous events. Along the way, as "heads fall all around him," evidence mounts that would indicate that Hjalmar is the murderer, and the player's task expands to find evidence that will prove Hjalmar's innocence
To be able to help Hjalmar you have to forget who you are - you must become a viking!!

"Vikings" is a very good reconstruction of the world of Vikings. It is historicaly exact !
The use of interactive full-motion video (FMV) was the feature that separated Vikings from any other game. Using 20 accomplished actors dressed in authentic Viking costumes, there are over 300 video scenes that occur in 3D against a backdrop of 2D scenery, and each of these sequences is simply riveting. Add to this the wonderful use of frequent animations and special effects, and you are ready to experience the total graphical experience in a satisfying manner that you may have never experienced before. So you get the atmosphere of a real film.
Especially Encyclopedia is great. It is very big, it consists a lot of pictures and it is very interesting.

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