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Crusader - A Conspiracy in the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Original-Name: "Croisades - conspiration au royaume d'Orient"

CRUSADER: A Conspiracy in the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Crusader was released on a limited basis only in Europe
Crusader takes place during the 12th Century, and it's the story of Arthaud, a disgraced and irreverent French knight who has really gotten on the bad side of the French king Philippe-August. The king offers Arthaud one slim chance to get back into the royal good graces--a wildly ambitious crusade to Jerusalem. The mission? Nothing less than to steal the Holy Relics from the royal Frankish court in the Holy City and return them to France.
The story begins in southern France and follows Arthaud's adventures (and misadventures) through the Mediterranean and to Palestine. First he has to outfit his ship, deal with pirates, and finally try to survive a dizzyingly complicated situation in Jerusalem. He finds himself caught up in a struggle for power between various branches of the royal family, as well as several factions of local Muslim strong men. Never the sharpest crayon in the box to begin with, it's not at all clear whether Arthaud will be able to survive this nest of human vipers.
To solve the riddles, you make use of the in-game encyclopedia, as well as many visual clues and character dialog in the scenes.

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