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 Windows (95/98)
 200 MHz
 also for MAC available

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 CD-ROM (1 CD)





Châlucet - Mystery of medieval fortress

Original-Name: "Châlucet - Dans le secret d'une fortresse medievale"

Here is an interesting mix of computer game and encyclopedia.
That CD-ROM is dedicated to medieval fortress Ch?lucet (France). On CD you will find a very good encyclopedia, many very good illustrated videos with info on history of Ch?lucet, of the region where it is situated (Limoges in Frace) and you can also find Ch?lucet as a virtual 3D-Reconstruction.
You can move yourself freely (Point&Click, Quicktime) and explore the fortress.
Ch?lucet is also a computer game. It consits of 11 chapters and every chapter is a small separate game. The chapters are ordered chronologically, but you can play it in the order you would like to. Every such chapter is small (you need 10-20 minutes to complete it) and every chapter is about certain topic: there is a chapter where you have to conquer a fortress, or another one where you have to assign princes to their principalities, or there are also some chapters where you have to look through the castle to finde some hidden things or futures (as in adventure-game).
The encyclopedia has a very good search function, you can get the whole encyclopedia ordered alphabetically, by topics or chronologically. There are also many photos of ruins of the castle (unfortunately there are only ruins remaining of the castle nowdays), many medieval pictures and paintings, some written documents, some medieval plans of the castle.
As there are only ruins of the castle nowdays, I think that that reconstruction is a very great one as you can visit the whole castle as it was in XIIIth century.

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