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 Zenturio's Mystery 


Romans and ancient Germans

Roman Empire

2000 years ago


released in



 360° view
 perspektive: ego
 mouse controlled

system requirements

 Windows (95/98/NT)
 200 MHz

released on

 CD-ROM (1 CD)


 fhb - freies historiker b?ro



Zenturio's Mystery

The game is more encyclopedia then the game.
Your task: a half ready museum for Roman - ancient Germans must be prepared for opening. Trying to fulfill your task you find a secret about a roman Zenturio, an egyptian doctor, a papyrus roll and hidden treasures. If you want to solve it, you must learn history of the beginning of your era.
And history will be real and touchable. That interesting learning software shows you connections between development of the roman empire and of ancient german world. Main topics are all-day-life and social history, but also some aspects of communications between romans and ancient germans and their cultural development. You will also learn a lot about archaeological technologies and methods.
The mix of good presented information, good graphic quality and many interesting quests gives you an access to the already disappeared worlds of romans and ancient germans.
Trying to put everything on its place you will learn almost everything about Romans, ancient Germans and archaeology in general. You will feel the dust blown away from old history books. That's the game, that makes you want more.

I don't have any information if the game/encyclopedia was released in Englisch. If you have some info, please tell me.

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